3 Popular and Effective Diets for Weight Loss

There are countless diets that promise to make us lose pounds without effort and in no time, but be very careful with them, as they may involve a risk to your health. Therefore, we wanted to select the 3 best diets to lose weight in a healthy way.

But before you get started, it is important that you become aware that diets should be done under medical supervision and combined with some exercise. Choose the diet that best suits your lifestyle and that, realistically, you can carry out. You must also respect the times: without going on a diet longer than recommended. Now, check out the best trends to lose weight and … Happy diet!

1- The Dukan diet

Formulated by the famous Dr. Dukan, this diet is one of the most popular in the world. More than 15 million people have already proven this method to lose weight. Based on 4 single phases in which you can eat certain foods with no quantity limits, the Dukan diet remains today one of the methods with better results as far as weight loss is concerned. With this weight loss plan, you will not have to count calories. With a few simple guidelines, you get the desired result.

2. The Zone diet

Devised by Barry Sears, it is indicated for people who need to control their levels of glucose and insulin, preventing metabolic diseases such as diabetes or overweight. Each meal of the Zone diet should provide 40% carbohydrate, 30% fat and 30% protein. The amount of protein to ingest must enter the palm. The fats should be polyunsaturated, for example, olive oil. The carbohydrates should be represented by vegetables and fruits. It is recommended 5 meals a day at intervals of not more than 4 hours, to avoid increasing insulin in the blood.

3- The Dash diet

In the beginning it was not designed to lose kilos, but gradually it has become one of the best diets to lose weight and get healthy as stated by WeightOfTheNation. Its name, Dash, is given by its acronym D ietary A pproaches to S top H ypertension (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension), and is that this diet will not only help you lose weight, but that it will reduce hypertension. Its great advantage is that it does not require special foods or very difficult to achieve, nor complicated recipes. You just have to focus on the number of daily servings from various food groups that contain nutrients that positively impact blood pressure.

An example of low calorie diet to lose weight

low calorie recipeA low calorie diet controls and limits the calories you can consume to lose weight. They are composed of a large percentage of low calorie foods such as vegetables and fruits. In these diets any nutrient is not eliminated. It does not prohibit products rich in fat, sugar and oil, but consumed in the minimum amount necessary.

It is a type of weight loss program that will allow you to control the extra kilos in a healthy way. It provides good results and avoid the rebound effect after leaving the diet, since it does not suppress anything, but recommends consuming in a fair and balanced way.

It is not advisable to skip meals. The key is to eat well, healthy and balanced, giving the body the proper ratio of nutrients (carbs, fats and proteins). Consult a nutritionist for you to develop your diet. This, as a rule, will not have a fat contribution exceeding 30% of the total energy of the diet. It is often spread as follows: 10% animal fat, 10% polyunsaturated (vegetable and fish) and 10% monounsaturated oils (olive oil). Proteins represent between 15% and 20% of caloric intake and 50-60% will carbohydrates, mostly complex (cereals, pasta).

An example of a reduced calorie diet


Breakfast: 1 fruit, except hypercaloric like grapes, custard apple, banana, figs, 125 ml skimmed yogurt or skim milk, 125 ml unsweetened teas (chamomile, tea, or coffee only).

Mid-morning: Nonfat yogurt if you have not taken the unsweetened infusion at breakfast

Lunch: Choose an option:

1- Vegetables salad. Lettuce, tomato, onion, carrots, beets, radishes, celery, artichokes.

2- Meat or fish. Roasted, baked, boiled, steamed or grilled. Take skinless chicken. Avoid pork or just take less fat part, such as tenderloin or sirloin. Avoid fat beef (steak or chop).

Snack: no high-calorie fruit, low-fat yogurt.

Dinner: Choose an option

1- Braised steamed or cooked veggies. You can take chard, green beans, cauliflower, eggplant, thistles.

2- Boiled or poached eggs, low-calorie deli turkey or ham York hypocaloric, low-fat cheese.

General rules: Oil entire day maximum 2 tablespoons, drink plenty of water, about 2 liters per day. Do not drink alcohol or soft drinks or carbonated beverages. Nonfat yogurt, maximum 2 a day, fruit, only 2 a day, without combining two types of fruit in the same way.

Slimming for obesity or to define your muscles does not need to go hungry, stop fad diets or completely eliminate any food. If you want to follow a low calorie diet, consult a nutritionist, to suit your particular needs.

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Some cholesterol-free foods to feed on for a no cholesterol diet

avocado cholesterol free foodIf you hear the term cholesterol-free, it is talking about food food items that include zero levels of cholesterol. Diet cholesterol is really a byproduct of the fat that are present in animal-based food products like whole eggs, milk products foods in addition to meat. Veg along with fresh fruits contain no cholesterol at all. While the human body demands cholesterol for your ideal function from the mind along with other tissues, getting as well higher of the cholesterol level may well cause serious well being conditions, for example coronary disease. Finding meals that contain zero cholesterol is beneficial if you or your medical doctor are concerned that your blood cholesterol ranges are as well higher.


Spices and also herbs which are utilized to flavor and make meals include zero cholesterol. Some examples include salt, tarragon, turmeric, thyme, allspice and anise, basil leaves, spearmint, bay leaf, sage, caraway seeds, rosemary, cardamom and saffron celery seed, made mustard seeds, chervil, poppy, cinnamon, pepper, chili powder, peppermint, cloves, paprika, coriander, oregano, cumin, nutmeg, curry, marjoram, dill, ginger, fennel, onion powder, garlic powder along with fenugreek. Vanilla extract in addition to vinegar are even cholesterol-free.

Fresh fruits and Veg

Fruit and veg by natural means contain no cholesterol. They can be eaten raw or cooked. To add additional taste to your veg, sprinkle some natural herbs, for example basil or rosemary, more than your vegetables. Some veggies as well serve as substitutes for other foods that contain cholesterol. As an illustration, you may change the oil within brownie recipes with zucchini, as stated by the AHA. Not only do fresh fruits in addition to veg contain zero cholesterol, however they also have a number of other gains so you should try to include as many fruits and also veggies in your day to day diet as you possibly can.

Legumes, Seeds

Most legumes, nuts as well as seeds contain plenty of healthy unsaturated body fat, protein, anti-oxidants in addition to dietary fiber . Combining the fact that they contain the safe unsaturated body fat with getting zero cholesterol tends to make legumes, nuts along with seeds choices which are heart healthful, as outlined by the American Heart Association. Each 7 days, you have to strive to ingest about 5 servings of legumes, nuts or seeds. A portion may well consist of 1/3 cup of nuts, 1/2 cup of cooked legumes, such as dry beans or peas, two tbsp. of seeds or two tbsp. or peanut butter. Kidney beans, almonds, lentils, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds along with walnuts are all excellent, cholesterol-free sources of protein, dietary fiber along with magnesium. If you opt for to consume any type of canned beans, check the label to make sure that they’re not packed with meat as this might include cholesterol to the otherwise healthy snack.


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What are the unhealthy foods to avoid when you have high cholesterol

high cholesterol foodsYou happen to be not alone in case you have high-cholesterol. Seventy-one million people in the United States Of America have high cholesterol levels, in accordance with the Centers for disease control and prevention, in addition to only one-third of those with high cholesterol have it beneath handle. Being aware of what not to take is actually a good place to begin if you’re struggling with how you can acquire handle over your cholesterol levels.

High-Fat Meats

If you want to lessen your blood cholesterol, you ought to minimize your ingestion of entire fat and also saturated fats, as total fat as well as bad fats are acknowledged to raise blood-blood cholesterol levels. For heart well being, reduce your intake of entire fat to 20 to 35 % of calories along with your intake of unhealthy fat to less than 7 % of your calories. As a source of both fat as well as unhealthy fat, avert high-fat meats when attempting to lessen your blood-cholesterol levels. High-fat meats to stay away from contain salami, bologna, sausage, bacon as well as ribs hot dogs as well as organ meats such as liver.

Whole-Fat Dairy Meals

As outlined by the Harvard College of Public Wellness, the number a single source of saturated fat inside the U.S. diet plan is typical cheese. Like meat, whole-fat cheese and milk merchandise is packed with entire along with saturated fat. To help enhance your cholesterol numbers, you should not take full-fat cheese or yogurt, or drink entire milk. Other high-fat dairy food foods you may need to stay away from consist of soft ice cream, cream cheese, heavy cream, half in addition to half, sour cream as well as butter.

Egg Yolks

Even though cholesterol in meals does not have the maximum amount of of an impact on your blood cholesterol as unhealthy fat, you will still need to restrict your intake of cholesterol. If you already have high cholesterol, cap your food intake of nutritional cholesterol to much less than 200 milligrams each day, according to the University of Illinois Extension. One particular large egg yolk has 184 mg of cholesterol, that meets almost 100 percent of your respective minimize. Discard the yolks as well as just eat the whites, that are cholesterol free, in the event you like eggs.

Fried Meals in addition to Baked Products

Saturated fat isn’t the sole fat you have to avoid once you have high cholesterol; you also need to steer clear of trans fats. These sorts of fats are produced when producers turn liquid oils into solids. Trans fats raise LDL cholesterol — the not so healthy cholesterol — in addition to lower HDL cholesterol — the wonderful cholesterol. Trans fats are found in deep greasy food and ready items. Which indicates you should by no means take commercially created french doughnuts, pastries and fries pie crust, biscuits, pizza crust as well as cookies once you have high-cholesterol. Something made out of stick marg or shortening is one more supply of trans fat in addition to should be ignored.


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Can drinking beer affect your cholesterol levels?

beer and cholesterolYour levels of cholesterol level is one of the principal measures your medical professional uses to measure your blood circulation overall health. The single very best reaction you can have and also hard-wearing . levels in the healthy range is usually to know how the beverages and foods you take in — including beer — affect your degrees of blood total cholesterol.

Beer Essentials

Beer is made from aging hops within a brewing method that is many thousands of years old. There are lots of forms of beer, starting from light lagers to dark stouts in addition to porters. The U.S. Department of Agriculture provides diet information for a can-sized serving size of the common beer. With regards to contents relevant to cholesterol, this kind of serving contains no fats of any sort, plus 12 g roughly of carbohydrate food.

Cholesterol Fundamentals

The body produces two types of cholesterol according to cholesterollevels.net. LDL cholesterol may be the sort people have known about for many years. Higher quantities of LDL enhance your threat for circulatory troubles like high blood pressure levels, heart problems along with stroke. HDL, by contrast, actually wipes LDL cholesterol away from your blood stream. High quantities of Low density lipoprotein cholesterol are in reality beneficial to your heart. Your system generates LDL once you eat bad fats, along with HDL once you eat unsaturated fats.

Diet program

Despite the fact that medication could support manage levels of triglyceride, change in lifestyle might be a valuable complement or alternative to medication. Maintaining a proper weight, get routine workouts along with reduce consumption of sugary foods, basic carbs, cholesterol and also trans fat. The cholesterolmenu website proposes limiting sugar ingestion just to 8 % of day-to-day calories, meticulously examining labels to check for sugary ingredients along with focusing on serving size sizes. Both institutions also encourage reducing intake of alcoholic drinks, such as beer.

Beer and Bodyweight

Drinking beer may lead to putting on weight. Should you drank two 12-oz servings of beer a day, you’d add about 300 calories for your daily total. In the event you didn’t make up for these extra calories – eliminating 300 calories from food in your diet or exercising enough to burn off the additional calories – you can gain 1 lb. every 11 or 12 days, depending on the calculation that 3,500 calories equals 1 lb. of fat. Being obese might raise your Low density lipoprotein cholesterol and triglycerides in addition to lower your heart-protective HDL cholesterol. You might lose 15 lbs. per year when you eliminated just one single beer from your food consumption. Dropping just five lbs. to 10 lbs. might increase your blood cholesterol levels.


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Some Low Cholesterol Foods For A Heart-Healthy Diet Plan

A low cholesterol recipeCholesterol, whilst essential to get a normal mind and also anxious method, may well be harmful if it amasses to higher ranges within the physique. Cholesterol is created within the liver as well as then dispersed all through the body according to cholesterollevels.net. It binds by itself to 2 kinds of lipoproteins to be able to be carried all through the blood stream. The ldl (Low density lipoprotein) have cholesterol in to the blood stream, whilst the hdl cholesterol (High-density lipoprotein) convey unnecessary cholesterol back again towards the liver so it may well be damaged down in addition to excreted. If there’s an excessive amount cholesterol or as well small High-density lipoprotein to hold it absent, the excessive cholesterol might then obstruct the blood vessels. Because of this, HDL cholesterol is recognized as “good” cholesterol, whilst Low density lipoprotein is recognized as “bad” cholesterol. A source of high cholesterol levels might be an too much of cholesterol produced within the physique. A 2nd reason for high cholesterol levels, nevertheless, may be the over-consumption of food items elevated in cholesterol. Because animals, like people, produce cholesterol, every animal foods include cholesterol. Vegetable food products, nevertheless, include zero cholesterol.


All veggies include zero cholesterol so long as they’re prepared with no the existence of fat from animals. This consists of root fresh vegetables, including potatoes, along with eco-friendly leafy fresh vegetables, including spinach.

Fresh fruits

Similar to fresh vegetables, fruit include zero cholesterol unless of course they’re prepared in fats. This consists of pears in addition to bananas, also as much more periodic fresh fruits such as berries.

Whole grains

Whole grains not just include zero cholesterol, however they are as well loaded with soluble fiber, that may well assist decrease the body fat ranges within the blood. Superb grain resources consist of portion of oatmeal, amaranth, barley, brown rice and also wheat germ.


An additional higher dietary fiber, zero cholesterol meals is beans. This consists of lentils, black and kidney beansin addition to break up peas.

Nut products in addition to Seed products

Whilst they may be elevated in body fat, nuts don’t include any cholesterol. Numerous nuts and seeds as well include Omega-3 efas, that may assist lower the buildup of cholesterol within the blood.

Organic Oils

Vegetable oils that remain liquid at ambient heat include zero cholesterol or saturated fats, that may well grow the manufacturing of cholesterol within the physique. Illustrations of those kinds of oils are extra virgin olive oil, soy bean oil, flaxseed oil as well as walnut oil. Nuts oils in addition to seeds, including flaxseed as well as walnut oil, additionally include Omega-3 efas.

A Free Diet Plan To Lower Cholesterol

Low cholesterol foods at marketA lower cholesterol eating plan strategy might assist to lower cholesterol accumulation, that probably results in cardiac arrest in addition to other well being issues. A person’s physique does create cholesterol, but an excessive within the circulatory system is generally the outcome of the diet plan rich in animal food products for instance pork, whole eggs as well as whole-fat dairy products. Shifting your diet plan to lower cholesterol food items like whole grains, fresh fruits as well as nuts may not just decrease your cholesterol consumption but in addition actively battle current cholesterol. Choosing the proper meals to get a diet plan that maintains normal levels of blood cholesterol indicated by www.cholesterollevels.net doesn’t consider tough preparing. You’ve lots of low-fat, high-fiber food items to select from to supply you with lower cholesterol rewards. You simply lower your consumption of meals that elevate your dangers for high cholesterol levels whilst taking pleasure in a number of heart-healthy food items. While you apply your lower cholesterol diet plan, it gets to be schedule along with you barely understand you’re on the eating plan whatsoever.

Organic olive oil

Organic olive oil is elevated in monounsaturated body fat, that in contrast to unhealthy fat, assists to lower levels of cholesterol. The anti-oxidants in organic olive oil allow it to be especially coronary heart healthful, particularly when a minimum of 23 grams are ingested a day, in line with the Food and drug administration. Organic olive oil may be utilized to saute veg as an alternative for butter, as being a dipping sauce rather than a product or as being a salad dressing when blended with vinegar.


A diet plan abundant in fish may lead to decreased levels of cholesterol due to the existence of omega-3 essential fatty acids, that minimize cholesterol along with levels of triglyceride. Fatty fish like halibut, lake trout, bass, tuna fish are particularly loaded with omega-3 essential fatty acids along with must be eaten a minimum of 2 times every week, as reported by the AHA. Fish might additionally be utilized as being a protein swap for high-cholesterol pork.


Whilst nuts are abundant in energy, they’ve 0 % cholesterol along with have vitamins for coronary heart well being along with dietary fiber that minimizes levels of cholesterol. Soluble fiber functions as being a cleanser within the blood stream in addition to may assist decrease cholesterol accumulation within the arterial blood vessels. A few almonds may assist minimize cholesterol by 5 percent, in line with cholesterolmenu.com website, however peanuts, walnuts in addition to hazelnuts are furthermore packed with dietary fiber in addition to might have comparable results. The FDA advises to protect against consuming greater than one 1/2 ounces of nuts every day to cap caloric consumption.

Lower Saturated fats

Saturated fats raises low density lipoprotein cholesterol, that amasses within the blood vessels as well as types plaques around the arterial blood vessels. This interferes with flow of blood along with may well lead to cardiovascular disease. Unhealthy fats result from meat, poultry along with dairy food foods. Fish include saturated fats, but generally much less than in meat as well as poultry. Lower your consumption of saturated fats by consuming the leanest of meat and also trimming off all noticeable body fat. Decide on skinless chicken white meat in addition to poultry. Take no greater than 6 oz of meat, poultry or fish each day. Go for low-fat or nonfat dairy products food items. You may in addition change entire whole eggs with egg-whites along with egg alternatives.

Steer clear of Trans Body fat

Get rid of trans fat out of your food plan. Trans body fat raises up LDL cholesterol ranges as well as as well minimizes ranges of protecting high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. High-density lipoprotein, frequently known as the “good” cholesterol, clears away cholesterol out of the blood. Food items that might include trans body fat consist of fast foods for example retail prepared treats as well as fried potatoes or other deep-fried food in eating places. Verify your meals labels for trans body fat listings when buying.

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